Transform Your Front Porch

The lazy days of summer are peak season for front-porch sitting. But if your porch doesn’t quite match the iconic image of lazily rocking with a tall glass of lemonade, it may be time for a little design refresh.
Start at the beginning—your front door. A fresh coat of paint in a bright, cheery color will act as a focal point and breathe new life into your entire porch. Or, if you’re going for a natural effect, strip wooden doors and restain them in a light neutral or rich, darker shade. The idea is to have your front door contrast with the color of your home to help it stand out and add interest.
Adorn your door with a dose of personality, like a floral or berry wreath. Install hardware along one side and hang a basket of bright annual flowers, a stately fern, or one of your houseplants from inside.
You can get a similar effect from florals and greens by placing pots and planters in strategic locations on your porch, such as alongside the front door, in window boxes along the railings, or in graduated sizes on each step. All of these locations are ideal for a potted herb garden as well.
Your front porch is also a great spot to attractively display frequently used items. The DIY pros at suggest using a Shaker peg rail for hanging sandy towels, beach chairs and straw hats. This can even be used to dry herbs and flowers. You can achieve the same look by hanging an attractive coat rack from indoors on the front porch.
Another great idea from Martha Stewart involves converting an old daybed or cot into a comfy seating spot for your front porch. Simply replace the mattress with a four-inch thick piece of foam or cushion, and sew up a slipcover with box pleats at the corners to hang over the metal frame. Paint the metal frame in a complementary color to your front porch. Place the seating against the house and line the back with an assortment of throw pillows to create an inviting lounge area.
Be sure to add some sparkle to your front porch for ultimate atmosphere. This can be achieved by hanging lights or lanterns from the lattice work above or wrapping string lights around the railing. A couple of well-placed hurricane lamps will create the same soft glow.
Once these simple steps are done, start using your porch for what it was intended for: relaxing with a good book and visiting with friends.
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